A taste of majestic era

Olga Gerasimova

In the old town of Moscow, precisely in Old Arbat Street, one can experience a spirit of majestic and gorgeous era. Designer Olga Gerasimova has designed the interiors of an apartment inspired by classic Italian style – indisputable trendsetter of world’s interior fashion.
This apartment with its 126 years of history (the house was built in 1890) and 4,3 meter high ceilings has set a kind of trend and guideline in the field of interior design. 

The owner has a natural, innate and refined taste. Intuition directs him right on track of the most fashionable trends, not only the modern ones but the trends of all-time. He wanted to surround himself with inspiring stuff and atmosphere which can give an emotional recharge. So, the idea that lies at the basis, was a luxurious palace able to recall the Italian Renaissance. It was necessary to define and separate the sleeping area composed by 3 bedrooms with dressing rooms and en-suite bathrooms form the living area including lounge, kitchen, entrance hall and guest room.

The entrance hall is designed in a monochrome scale diluted with gold-accented details. The geometry of lines is softened by the crocheted lace of cast-iron stairs, the elegant furniture mouldings, the ornaments of  banquette upholstery, the ornate door-frames and mirror-frames, and a gorgeous crystal chandelier that spreads hundreds of sparks of light all around.

As we get to the lounge area a twice more space is felt due to classic Renaissance element – finest painting with a patinated ornament on the high ceiling. The heart of this room is, surely, a wonderful color – flurrying and deep. Noble vine velvet of soft furniture creates a striking tandem with a deep indigo in textiles: curtains, chair upholstery and carpet. Being monumental and elegant at the same time, chandelier of Marsala color attracts a lot of ecstatic glances. It is important to notice that Italian style prefers dark and dramatic tones in the colors of interior – black forging, Marsala and dark chocolate.

On the contrary, kitchen may seem a realm of softness and peace – milky-white furniture with classic gold décor, translucent curtains which let the daylight through. The emphasis are not in colors, but in shapes. Surely, chandelier is the centre of all glances – it is similar to octopus that emerges from marine’s depth, and its shape echoes the ornament on the ceiling and moldings.

In the rooms of younger girls a mood of true princess is inspired by French Provence – elegant and scenic with hints of hidden undertones. In the eldest daughter’s room we find a delicate art Deco furnishing with soft rounded shapes and gold finishes. We should note that in the stage of planning of children’s rooms it was necessary to get rid of disproportion because the small room areas were “arguing” with the high ceilings causing an uncomfortable sense of space. So a mezzanine came up as an aid – due to this element a discomfort of space perception was gone, rooms were successfully broken into zones – sleeping areas were made up, so this added more comfort and privacy to rooms.

“The apartment has an asymmetrical layout and verticals are upbuilt only to front wall which added more hardships, for instance, in the stage of inlaying the parquet and creating of ornament in the ceiling. In a word, it was rather difficult object in geometrical perspective ”

Olga Gerasimova