These images are the result of the complete renovation of a private residence in Milan, coordinated by architect Claudio Fusina.

A unique and original project perfectly created and shared in synergy with clients who have well-defined and personal ideas.

The furnishing, technical components and lighting fixtures are perfectly integrated into a single architectural structure. The white resin offers the environment a sculptural character and becomes the recurring theme of the intervention.

7-4 claudio fusina & partners
10-7 claudio fusina & partners
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11-4 claudio fusina & partners
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Cattura-166 claudio fusina & partners


CentroIkeda-cover-1-1100x550-1080x550 claudio fusina & partners

Like a lotus flower

Located in the restored 16th century monumental complex called Guardia di Sopra on Leonardo’s canal in Milan, the Ikeda Cultural Centre is the largest Buddhist building in Europe.The design of the new buildings and the restoration of the protected monumental complex...

06--1080x675 claudio fusina & partners


TENUTA PUGLIESEFrom an old barn, belonged to the Pavoncelli counts in the second half of the 1800s, a wine house (known for the “Bianco di Lusso”, today no longer in production), from an American aviation military base during the Second World War to a banquet hall in...

Cattura-173 claudio fusina & partners


ALL DEDAR FANTASIES The new collection includes fabrics with geometric patterns, contemporary interpretations of archive fabrics, velvet in silk or linen in a plain colour, innovative interpretations of classic tapestries and a new proposal that is inspired by the...