In South Kensington, a new residential project signed by “Italia and Partners”

In the beautiful neighborhood of South Kensington, “Italia and Partners” oversaw the renovation and interior design project for a residence in Wetherby Gardens.

The apartment, with an area of about 65 square meters, had a large living room with a kitchenette, which could be accessed from a small, dark and oppressive entrance lobby which also led to the single bedroom, inside which the bathroom was located. The need to change the pre-existing situation, which is definitely not functional, together with the desire to have a second bedroom and a kitchen separate from the living room, was the main design challenges to which the Turin studio has been able to respond with great satisfaction of the customers. 

The architect Matteo Italia states: “I think that the common thread of the project and the final effect we wanted to give”, observes the architect Matteo Italia, “both the elegance and sobriety are perceived within the various environments, in which classic materials such as wood and marble are alternated  with modern materials such as smoked glass or highly technical lighting”.

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