home italia
14 Settembre 2021



In recent months, the Fanglin group, the HOME Italia and the Aeon studio of the architect Stefano Rotesi have pursued with great perseverance and conviction the realization of this great project to merge two worlds, but above all two realities that if they are on the same common way as one family they can make the difference and reach any goal.

Our project aims to merge ourselves as a family, to be in symbiosis with ideas, projects, goals, and grow two magnificent realities such as China and Italy in the design and innovation sector.

Both countries have enormous potential which, if combined in a common goal by a sharing and harmonious team will be able to carry out innovative projects that nobody has ever created.

This was the starting point of our project, a starting point for which we were all in full agreement.

The ceremony that took place in Shenyang certifies and formalizes the desire of a group of people who in the last few months have been chasing this dream with great enthusiasm, which today becomes reality.

For this reason, HOME Italia would like to thank the Chairman, Mr. Wang of the Fanglin group for its great availability and his great desire to want to do something important together.

The Fanglin group will bring to our project great experience as well as a great help in the development of the achievement of our goals thanks to its great business organization, composed of a team of highly qualified people with great desire to grow.

We wish great good luck to a person whom we know very well and who we greatly appreciate, the architect Stefano Rotesi, a person who was given the task of designing but above all to bring that through that concept and that Italian style which is the basis of our project.

We have been collaborating with the architect Rotesi for many years, we have carried out many international projects together, and if the choice fell on him it is because we are more convinced that he is the best person to represent this project.

HOME Italia will bring a wave of Made in Italy furniture to the project.

China is a very important market for us, in fact, we have been present in this area for several years, where we have completed several projects with builders and architects in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijin, Beijing, and other countries.

We are delighted to have established this partnership with one of the largest Chinese builders, the Fanglin group because in a great project there have to be great people.