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21 Giugno 2022



Let’s give a warm welcome to Hebanon, the fine cabinet making brand for the home founded by the Basile family nearly two centuries ago and now active in two locations, Nocera and Paris. A manufacturer of custom kitchens, modern style furniture and masterpiece furniture, the company is now led by the fifth generation. Since 2016, the product design team led by Giovanna, Maria and Nicola Basile has inaugurated a phase of corporate renewal culminating in the birth of Hebanon Studio, which focuses on slow design to combine ancient and contemporary souls.

“Hebanon is living wood. The true heart of the company is our caveau, a unique and precious place that holds our greatest wealth: 42 wood species, five of which are endangered, two are the result of rare natural anomalies. Fascinating, centuries-old woods, some so old that they date back to the birth of inlay,” explains ceo and creative director Giovanna Basile. “We believe that designers are the humanists of the new millennium as they are scholars of man’s habits and his inner and material needs, an exercise that forces them to constantly question human nature. In the contemporary context, depersonalizing and frenetic, design must rediscover its ordering function through furnishings that enhance everyday gestures. We believe that design objects should reflect the character and lifestyle of those who will use them, improving their quality of life thanks to their silent functionality”.

The meeting between Hebanon and HOME Italia was a long time ago: «We have been following the HOME Italia page and subscribed to the newsletters for a long time now. After repeated interactions with the team members and attracted by numerous and promising services they offer, we decided to get it concrete: we finally joined the club! By investing in such an auspicious collaboration, Hebanon’s family believes and bets in highlighting and spreading the company’s values and unique competences in interior design and furnishing throughout the world. We are living an optimistic period where we’re ready to take the big leap to reach unprecedented results in our field! We are sure, therefore, we’ll walk side by side with HOME Italia along this path of success!».