Grand Hotel Miramar: Luxury leisure time in a refined atmosphere.

Grand Hotel Miramar’s personality shines through in each and every interior design choice.

This landmark of Malaga hospitality embodies a unique experience, a place where bespoke solutions inhabit each and every corner, highlighting the architectural forms, from lighting to armchairs.

VG’s collaboration with Grand Hotel Miramar has been a tasteful discovery, enhancing the features already outlined throughout the location. ⠀

Here, everyone can dive in a historical building, shedding light on a breathtaking view. 

The historic nobility of the Grand Hotel shines amidst Mediterranean art details and oriental inspirations, thanks to the VG’s Arabesque lighting that triumphs in the great hall, at the reception desk and throughout the common spaces. 

While tasting a nice meal in the dining room, comfortably slowing down, you can indulge yourself in VG’s fine objects and Murano glass chandeliers, before turning your gaze outwards.

From the patio, all the way through the terraces, the sight gets lost beyond the balcony, imagining new design horizons. The Hotel lodges and open-air spaces breathe a dreamy luxury feeling, comfortably welcomed by VG’s Eclipse, Marilen and Rusty collections.

An authentic sea view from the heart of Malaga, experiencing a unique sense of hospitality through a design made in VG.