Our aim is to combine the taste for aesthetic memory with the more contemporary trends and to adapt these to the needs of our clients with creative verve.

After graduating in architecture from the University of Naples Federico II, Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva founded his own studio Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva Architetti based in Naples, following the footsteps of his great-grandfather renowned interior designer, rather than those of his journalist father, a war correspondent.

Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva has signed projects from Hong Kong to Milan, from Capri to Salento, all characterized by a refined planning attentive to the local culture and tradition. In addition to the renovation of important villas and apartments, the studio also deals with public spaces such as shops, boutique hotels, lounge bars and cafes. In 2013 he completed the renovation project for the former Cirio plants, turned into scenographic laboratories for the San Carlo Royal Theatre of Naples.

Since 2014 dell’Uva is art director of the historic furnishing company Livio de Simone, and also the creator and co-owner of the Capri Suite, a charming hotel in the heart of Anacapri.

Since 2016 he is in charge of the new stylistic campaign for another historic Neapolitan company, the Giovanni Scaturchio pastry shop.



Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva Architetti

Via Ferdinando Palasciano 47, 80122 Naples (ITALY)
Tel. +39 081 1932 4813