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3 Dicembre 2021



Is always a pleasure to welcome a new architect to our group of professionals. Today is the turn of Giulia Gedeone. She is a very young interior architect, graduated with honors in 2019; she now works as freelancer using the most current softwares in order to provide to the customers with the possibility of viewing the final project in a clear and accessible way.

She blends the most current trends with elements that belong to the history of Design, to obtain simple and sophisticated, essential and harmonious environments. Frank Lloyd Wright used to say: “Talent is good. Practice is better. Passion is best”. This is the phrase that best represents Giulia. «To get good results at work, but also in life, you need talent, lots of practice and above all passion: the one I put into everything I do».

About our project she says: «I met Home Italia through Instagram where your advertisement appeared. I decided to follow the page and, following this, I was contacted to find out if I was interested in joining your team. I am proud of the opportunity. I am happy to join your group of willing, talented and ambitious professionals to help raise awareness of the work I love».