Gianfranco Ferre Home_Limassol del Mar

Gianfranco Ferrè Home, a brand of Jumbo Group, announced a great collaboration for the furnishings of Limassoll Del Mar, a large residential complex that will be built along the coast of the city of Limassol, one of the major cities of the island of Cyprus.

The architecture was signed by Benoy studio in London, together with UDS Architects and includes a garden for the exclusive use of buildings, several swimming pools and street-level shopping arcade. The furnishings of the Italian company will make the apartments of The Signature Collection by Gianfranco Ferré, unique and luxury accommodations from two to six rooms, embellished by large terraces with panoramic views towards the Mediterranean Sea. The project represents the modernization and evaluation of the Greek island.

The contractor has chosen to collaborate with the Italian company for superior range apartments to be able to offer to the buyers something unique and refined, which is at the highest level of the real estate market. Livio Bilbao, a Jumbo Group Partner, and Creative Director commented: “The signature Collection perfectly represents the refined style for which Gianfranco Ferré Home has become internationally recognized for. This common vision which we share with Limassol Del Mar has led to a special partnership which stays true to the strict design rules that define our ethos. We believe in exceptional quality and understated luxury, while our trademark tones stretch the limits of what you believe is possible. The Signature Collection draws from the cultural knowledge of our past but adapts to the spirit and concept of the project. The result is a beautiful collaboration that compliments these magnificent apartments in a way that has never been seen on the island before”.

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