The Gaudio company is family-run and has a three-generation experience in the custom-made design field. Gaudio’s uniqueness distinguishes itself from others for its refined made in Italy identity, as well as elegance and quality. Its centennial experience begins in Molfetta (Ba) aiming at innovation while preserving its cabinetry patrimony.


Gaudio is specialized in the field of design and customised high-end furniture, particularly addressed to the kitchen, living room and bathroom areas. It also deals with contract work. Innovation, research, development, quality and finish, ethics and environment are its key aspects. The company is authenticated with ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment). High-end solutions and products which are all unique, addressed to a refined clientele after quality and design. Gaudio’s furniture is manufactured in a way to last in time and set itself apart from fading fashion trends. The latter are designed for each individual, looking into his/her demands and desires and aiming at improving the quality of life of each person. Excellent and exclusive service
for the most demanding clients.


Gaudio is an eco-friendly company with a deeply responsible self, producing and using green energy, thanks to its solar panels. The wood adopted for Gaudio products is drawn from forests and systems which are regularly controlled on the number of cords of wood removed (FSC) and managed in a sustainable way and according to forest principles and certifications, from both an
environmental, economic and social point of view. All materials used are natural, non-toxic, recyclable.


Respect for the environment and for people (both manufacturers and the final client) is the driving force establishing its solidity and with which the company likes to work daily. Ergonomics, ecosustainability, environment, ethics, is what Gaudio is extremely pleased to promote. Gaudio does not apply an assembly line for the conception of its products, but rather places human ability and expertise in the front line. The latter dictates manufacturing times and not, on the contrary, the machine. All Gaudio products are suited to each client’s necessity, in order to improve his/her quality of life, granting safety, comfort and well-being.


The Gaudio design project area is the factory of ideas! 100% design, prototyping, industrial development and engineering. Here, young architects and designers are driven to develop new products and typologies in the interior design field. Gaudio’s exclusive clients are able to obtain personalized answers, aimed at achieving unique, recognizable, unbeatable top range stylistic definitions. Departing from an accurate observation of the preliminary data of the project, a detailed planning research is put forth and carried on in the final projects, as well as in the 3D photorealistic displays (renderings), intended to simplify the precise comprehension and awareness of the project itself.


All Gaudio products are designed and manufactured in Italy, by skilled technicians operating on advanced devices and numerical control machines. All this takes place in combination with a handcrafted tradition of experienced cabinet-makers. As an eco-friendly company, Gaudio does not make use of any toxic elements for its products which are entirely made from wood (both inside and out). Gaudio’s veneers are water-based while for its lacquered solutions a mixed cycle is used. Its products are natural and consequently safe. Wood is not the only material adopted for these creations, but numerous other materials, such as metal, marble, natural stone, exclusive leather. All these materials are supported by highly advanced technology and electronics to give life to precious items carried out with care and detail and endowed with a precise identity responding to principles of beauty and functionality.


– Design (architectonic and interior/outdoor design, virtual photographs, shop drawings and engineering, etc);
– Work supervision and project management;
– High-end personalised furniture production;
– Contract work (lighting, supplies and metal, marble, granite, glass structures, etc.)


Gaudio takes part in international exhibitions, such as Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan and the Monaco Yacht Show. The presence of its brand enhances its spread and indicates its position in the international market. For the time being, GAUDIO is present in the following countries: Italy, Russia, USA, Canada, UK, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Monaco, France, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Albania, Mongolia, Egypt, India, China.


Gaudio is part of L.I.I.D. – Luxury Italian Interior Design, a web of companies with one mission: representing Italian excellence in the luxury interior design market. The companies, with their knowhow and experience, can offer aimed solutions for each project. L.I.I.D. comes to life after gaining awareness of the competitive advantages coming from an ensemble of companies working towards a luxury market. Their intention is to reach the largest share on the market. To this, an economic advantage of an interior coordination among the companies aimed at solving specific problems related to clients adds up. This optimises the customisation of products, prices, times, logistics on both a design and manufacturing level and enables clients to have a single contact person representing all of the companies. This makes the offer more engaging and enables the costs of all participants to be optimised.


In an internationalisation panorama of the company and brand strenghtening, GAUDIO aims at opening single-brand showrooms with a design studio/atelier in the most important capitals worldwide, wanting to meet the increasing demand in the Italian interior design field in the residential environment, by means of high-end services and products meeting the requests of a demanding clientele. These showrooms should not only be used for exclusive and detailed furniture, but also places where clients meet skilled personnel granting them assurance in the design of their house, as well as in the choice of materials, such as wood, metal, marble, leather; it must be a welcoming place where clients find a benchmark and receive certain answers in terms of quality, costs and times.


Gaudio likes dictating the new rule for luxury design: customisation! It does this by offering custommade solutions for the design and production of high-end furniture. The market is to be dealt with in a regular and well-structured manner, in order to obtain optimized results. Gaudio is always present and ready to comprehend the dynamics and create new interpersonal relations, being the latter the essential requirements for its core business. Gaudio requires skilled and reliable experts who may grant excellent services and exemplary products which may satisfy the client completely, as the latter will be its first sponsor! The reccomended strategy implies aiming at the complementarity of competences and professionalism of individuals, and working on the territory through the opening of a showroom with a design studio/atelier, where clients may see and touch excellent products for themselves. The showroom will look like a home where integrated solutions will be exhibited and materials reproduced seamlessly and spaces will be transformed based on necessities, by means of hidden systems as well. The prototype will not be there to be merely sold but rather it will serve as a way to explain how a customised project is to develop.


– The well-selected personnel working in the showroom’s design studio/atelier will undergo a period of training both on site and c/o the Italian company, so that it may take in all of the information needed to manage everything perfectly. Its task is to grasp the client’s demands and forward the latter to the design studio in Italy so that the project (Italian style) may be started right away; there will always be direct contact with the Italian headquarters, which will grant constant assistance and support.

– Gaudio’s know-how will be guaranteed for an excellent outcome. Its business partner is necessary and should not be a mere financial partner but also there to create interpersonal relations in order to bring in potential clients.

– Gaudio will introduce specific and appropriate marketing strategies, such as events
regarding the interior design and Italian cuisine, showcooking, design workshops. Gaudio
will also be responsible for news release and marketing work on social media.

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GAUDIO – headquarter and production
via Antichi Pastifici lotti B5, DA1
70056 – Molfetta (BA) ITALY
p.i. 04114200720
tel 0039 080 3382815 r.a.
fax 0039 080 3382815 r.a.


GAUDIO – office
via Montenapoleone 8
Milano ITALY
tel 39 02 00684544
fax 0039 02 00684547

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