At the International Salone del Mobile in Milan, Gallotti&Radice invites visitors to preview their exclusive Home Collection. The numerous and innovative designs are the result of an extensive research and development into new techniques and processes where precious materials and contemporary finishes are combined with glass in order to create elegant and elaborated solutions. As the company’s vision evolves,
central to the collection is the desire and commitment to design evocative and sophisticated atmospheres that are unique and authentic.

Cohesive and consistent. Gallotti&Radice collection was developed in close collaboration with designers Pinuccio Borgonovo, Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, Massimo Castagna, Carlo Colombo, Pietro Russo, Artefatto and Lanzavecchia+Wai. Ten designers, sixteen products, one vision: to innovate through creativity and interpret the various interior concepts using a common visual language. The different designs come together to offer a truly luxury living experience that speaks to an International audience.

The new range, is the expression of a company who is in constant evolution and growth while maintaining their ethos. Gallotti&Radice’s ability to intertwine extremely high level craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology results in functional pieces capable of provoking emotions and wonder. A renewed concept of living that goes beyond trends and styles.

With an emphasis on materials and finishes, new upholstery and lighting solutions have been added to provide a thematic journey and a full experience into the Gallotti&Radice’s world. Abundant of warm colours, soft curves, rich textures and sumptuous gleaming metals, the collection is opulent and glamorous and yet so intimate and personal.

Finally, Gallotti&Radice lighting is worth a particular mention. Elegant and sophisticated, dramatic at times, light has the ability to frame the space, gently leading the eye from one interior concept to another.

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Via Matteotti 17  –  22072 Cermenate (CO)  –  ITALY
Ph. +39 031 777111
Fax +39 031 777188

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