SI-JU Architects

The Architectural Firm Si-Ju Architetti was founded in Cesena in 2005. Starting from an individual training, architects Simona Francolini and Juri Boschetti developed a career addressing project experiences of interior architecture, design, building renovations and new constructions. Their passion for design led to the creation and production of custom furniture, expanding the firm’s horizon with Harrier Project & Design.

Si-Ju Architetti deal with architectural planning and construction in the field of: residential, commercial, industrial and tertiary buildings.

From preliminary project to custom furniture, this firm is able to satisfy every customer’s need. Their constant attendance at refresher courses allows them to keep continuously up to date with current regulations and many important design themes, like sustainable architecture, feng shui applications or garden design.

B_House – Renovation of a 70s residential building.

The idea was to create new wide spaces instead of an old, strict spatial distribution and to give warmth to the interiors with a wise use of lighting and materials.

F_House – Demolition and reconstruction of a duplex house.

White painting and stone cladding draw modern facades where the old and the new structure are perfectly integrated.

N_Shop – Clothing Store in the old town center of Cesena

The white walls, the warm tones of the floor, the lighting and the long, chestnut wood shelves were specifically designed to enhance the merchandise. The counter with tapering lines was completely handcrafted.

A_Garden – A public park built by a private company and donated to the city of Cesena.

A 11.000sqm area with 140 tall trees, more than 1000 shrubs, playgrounds and sculptures representing the company.