Hotel Bains de Saillon is a new four-star hotel located in the canton of Valais, Switzerland.

Placed on the right bank of Rhône River, the hotel has a fabulous spa that makes your stay even more relaxing. The lounge and common areas were decorated with some pieces of Fratelli Boffi. The ability to offer its customers a “tailor-made” service, makes Fratelli Boffi a perfect partner for large contracted supplies. The classic style, improved with a touch of eclecticism and irony, are the main strengths of the company from Brianza.

Inside Hotel Bains de Saillon the seats, tables and accessories have different finishes and colors, perfectly fitting into the chosen chromatic palette, distinguished by bright tones, from beige to pearl gray and solid wood consistency. The synergy between the shapes and decorative styles of the past combined with contemporary design makes the Swiss hotel an intriguing and classy space.

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The selection chosen to characterize the hotel includes the Curzon armchair, Madama and Duchesse of Home of Archer Humphryes Architects, the pair of Aurous and Ink cocktail tables with marble tops covered in leather, the original Kir Royal pouf of Christophe de la Fontaine for which the designer chose to alternate the contrast between contemporary finishes and classic shapes.

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