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3 Dicembre 2021



Cristina Celestino, art director of Fornace Brioni since 2016, signs for the brand the unprecedented collection of Topiaria terracotta vases.

The Topiaria collection of pots represents a three-dimensional development of the concept of the Giardino all’Italiana collection of flooring and wallcoverings dated 2017. 

The simple geometric shapes give rise to 5 different pots, which can function alone or in groupings to create more complex forms and effects. The items have been created for use both indoors and outdoors. The idea of bringing the warm material allure of cotto into interiors, interpreted by Cristina Celestino for floors and facings, meets with another application in these pots. Observing the “Topiaria” composition, it is clear that it has been designed to bring the monumental character and rigor, but also the metaphysical, dreamy atmosphere of the classical garden, into contemporary interiors.

This collection of complements represents a further step in the work of recovering the brand’s cotto tradition. The tradition of cotto dates back thousands of years, and is the result of the subtle alchemy between water, earth, and fire. The Fornace Brioni in Gonzaga, a small town centre steeped in history and Renaissance culture in the plain around Mantua, produces cotto exclusively by hand, according to a savoir-faire that has been handed down through the generations, using the finest clays from the slow sedimentation of the floodplain of the River Po.