Flower Power is a ceiling light source designed for both residential and contract spaces.
An excellent solution as an ornamental object, but also as an efficient chandelier and spotlight: the match between functionality and design with a natural feel. 


A balancing act, combining transparent materials, bright colours and fascinating compositions.
Flower Power brings together modular lighting and natural inspiration, a concept that draws on VG’s specialisation in designing artificial flowers, and thrives on continuous customisation. 

A chandelier whose lymph is imagination, the same one that turned the assumption of verticality upside down, roots in the air and stems down, letting leaves and flowers gracefully fall, entwined with exquisite Murano glass. The first Flower Power is born as an ode to Spring, to the awakening of nature, with the decisive
and at the same time delicate shades of Tulips. The charm of flora has thus travelled through the seasons, interpreting this lighting element with Lotus and Phalenopsis flowers, with Ivy and Poppies.