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14 Settembre 2021



Glass is the most eco-friendly material: it is exclusively composed of natural elements and entirely recyclable for an infinite amount of times; it is even necessary to melt scrap glass in the production of new sheets to increase its mechanical properties. Moreover, being composed mainly of calcium and silicon, substances of natural derivation, it does not pollute if it comes into contact with the earth. Glass is aseptic and does not undergo any alteration if exposed to atmospheric agents. It lasts indefinitely and, being transparent, it does not optically occupy space. It is the immaterial material par excellence!

Since 1973, FIAM Italia has made glass the protagonist of its catalogue of furnishings and accessories, technological innovation and the craftsmanship of master glassmakers. Through the yearsm the company decided to exploit glass’ features to create something new, always original and unique.

The DV-GLASS® was born in 2018 from a desire pursued by Daniele and Vittorio Livi (the founder of FIAM Italia): their ideas mainly disclosed the willingness to obtain a glass thickness never seen before (up to 36 mm) in the world of furniture, as well as to reinvent a material presenting multiple facets by optimizing all the stages of the productive process, thus fully embracing concepts such as those concerning circular economy and environmental sustainability. The technique that lays behind the DV-GLASS® production consists in sectioning a sheet of glass into many little strips by mainly using transparent, smoked or bronze glass. Hence, the union of those strips, placed next to one another, makes it possible to obtain several chromatic combinations. The significant variability and the remarkable craftsmanship of both the melting process and the assembly lead to the unique and original character of any new slab, that can be achieved in really big dimensions.