ETEL Milano
Gallery for Modern & Contemporary Brazilian Design, Milan, Italy – 2017

Located in Via Maroncelli 13, epicenter of the vibrant “Maroncelli district”, the project is the refurbishment of an old art gallery, new location for the design brand “ETEL interiores”.
The store is home to a new organic form that ideologically represents the trunk of a tree, the heart of the company, and held through the use of Etel’s wood and which generates a fully open gallery around it. The exhibition space is also characterized by a rigorous lighting system that contrasts and emphasizes the natural gesture that draws the central shape, hosting inside the ladder that connect to the top floor.

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SUPERLUNA_portrait-1 Superluna


We love thinking that Superluna is a meeting point for visionary people who have the necessity to express their ideas to support a better and sustainable way of living.Luca Sartori, dipl. architetto USI - AAM Luca graduated from the “Accademia di Architettura di...



LA BARCHESSA   La BarchessaPrivate House in Rivarolo del Rè ed Uniti, Cremona, Italy – 2016.On going “La Barchessa” is the refurbishment of a part of an early 1900s farm’s agriculture deposit, located in the countryside of Cremona, Italy. The project involves the...

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LA CARISÖLA   Private House in Carisolo, Trento, Italy – 2016.Completed “La Carisöla” is the refurbishment of an early 1900’s shed located on the Italian Alps in Carisolo, Trentino Alto Adige. The project considers the conversion of the old stable into a new...

CASA-DA-SOJA_004_VISTA-ESTERNA-01-1080x656 Superluna


CASA DA SOJA   Casa da SojaPrivate House, Itu, Brazil – 2017.Concept design Casa da Soja is a concept design for a family house to be developed in a residential area one hour away from the city of São Paulo. The idea was to exploit the existing slope of the...

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RESERVA IRAUA’   Resort in Bahia, Maraù, Brazil – 2017On going The project for this special area of about 30.000 sqm in the state of Bahia, Brazil, is the design for a private resort to be developed with residential houses and luxury commons areas. The idea was...