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Emanuele Svetti was born in Cortona in 1976 and after completing his training at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, specializing in Industrial Design under the guidance of the master Roberto Segoni, he founded Studio Svetti Architecture in 2004. 

Thus began a path of research and technical-design in-depth analysis, which goes beyond theory and project, aimed at the rediscovery of craftsmanship and at the search for new materials that can be applied to industrial production, or traditional materials to be reinterpreted in a modern key in what he likes to call “New Tuscan Style”. 

Emanuele Svetti took his first steps in the interior world by interacting with numerous companies in the furniture and contract sector for which he takes care of product design and market strategy.

These are the fundamental years for his professional training during which he soon distinguished himself for his eclecticism and his approach to design that naturally switches from what he calls “macro-projects” to object design. 

In his anti-traditional conception, he blends modern trends with typical styles of fashion and design, combining spatial rigor with strokes of glamour made of matter and color. His interiors are easily recognizable by the essentiality and rigor of the structures that literally explode in their dialogue with the material and put man at the center of everything. That man, whose soul is deeply tied to his land, Tuscany, full of references to nature, its colors and materiality. 

 “Each project is a journey, like every journey is a project” – this is how Emanuele Svetti tells the emotional melting pot that comes from the encounter with new cultures. The Architect’s personal experiences and passions influence and reflect on the conception of a new work, as well as everything that happens in the world: each project is a wise mixture of sensations, elements, form and matter, colors and intelligence emotional. 

 In a few years the professional activity grew both nationally and internationally with the development of numerous projects from California to North Africa, from Russia to China until the opening of the London office in 2016. 

Studio Svetti Architecture thus dedicates itself to the design of accomodating, directional and commercial spaces, with particular attention to the study of interiors and then to residential architecture, where the attention to details and the search for material-formal sophistication begin to compare with a private clients, already close to the world of design or looking for a “Virgil” that guides them in a world they do not know. It is here that Emanuele Svetti expresses luxury in the use of materials and the attention to details, where the calibration of the balance of shadows creates rare spaces in which design is a touch of glamour. A luxury that is never shown off and that aims  at reaching a timeless charm thanks to the contribution of a “smart” technology, practical and sustainable from an economic, ecological and relational point of view. 


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BRACCIALINI Project: Studio Svetti Architecture | Emanuele Svetti Architect Photo credits: Andrea Bortolozzi Photographer Category: Flagship Area: 60 meters Start of Work: October 2018 Status: Completed December 2018 Location: via Frattina 117 –...

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CÀOS – Silvia Bini

CÀOS – Silvia Bini  Project: Studio Svetti Architecture | Emanuele Svetti Architect Photo Credits: Andrea Bartolozzi Photographer Typology: Retail Surface: 800 sqm Start of work: June 2016 Status: Work completed April 2017 Location:...

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PORCOBRADO   Project: Studio Svetti Architecture | Emanuele Svetti Architect Type: Restaurant Area: 50 meters Start of Work: January 2018 Status: Completed April 2018 Location: Via Jacopo dal Verme, 17 – Milan  DESCRIPTION In 2018, the project for...

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UMAMI   Project: Studio Svetti Architecture | Emanuele Svetti Architetto Photo credlits: Andrea Bartolozzi Photographer Category: Fusion restaurant Surface: 200 square meters Status: Completed Location: Viale Giardini Pubblici Cortona (AR)  DESCRIPTION   Umami in...

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Emanuele Svetti


Via Lauretana 73, 52044 Camucia, Arezzo [Italy]  
Ph. +39 0575 62530
www.studiosvetti.com – info@studiosvetti.com


71-75 Shelton St.Covent Garden, London [UK]
Ph. +44 (0) 7971 390 522
www.studiosvetti.com – info@studiosvetti.com 

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