Welcome to HOME Italia

We are pleased to announce that Emanuele Svetti, a young architect born in Cortona in 1976, is now part of HOME Italia. He founded Studio Svetti Architecture in 2004. Thus began a path of research and technical-design in-depth analysis, which goes beyond theory and project, aimed at the rediscovery of craftsmanship and at the search for new materials that can be applied to industrial production, or traditional materials to be reinterpreted in a modern key in what he likes to call “New Tuscan Style”. In his anti-traditional conception, he blends modern trends with typical styles of fashion and design, combining spatial rigor with strokes of glamour made of matter and color. His interiors are easily recognizable by the essentiality and rigor of the structures that literally explode in their dialogue with the material and put man at the center of everything. That man, whose soul is deeply tied to his land, Tuscany, full of references to nature, its colors and materiality. “Each project is a journey, like every journey is a project” – this is how Emanuele Svetti tells the emotional melting pot that comes from the encounter with new cultures. In a few years the professional activity grew both nationally and internationally with the development of numerous projects from California to North Africa, from Russia to China until the opening of the London office in 2016.

But how Emanuele Svetti discovered Home Italia? He says: “I had the pleasure to collide with the club thanks to the different occasions, initiatives and events organized by HOME Italia. OGS, my Public Relations and Communication agency, was the intermediary. Being part of the club HOME Italia is a great honor because it allows you to have an excellent visibility and create a network with companies and other colleagues for future projects”.