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Born in 1948 from an idea of Donati Ferrer, Donati Legnami is an old sawmill, a company specialized in the selection and processing of raw trunks from woods and forests all over the world. Always firmly in the hands of the same family, now in its third generation, the company operates in its headquarters in Tuscany producing planks for the production of the finest furniture, solid oak and chestnut beams for construction, elements for wooden floors. Vanni Vannetti, commercial director, tells us: “The love for wood and nature has led us to marry the philosophy of Green Building to such an extent that for twenty-five years now we have created the registered trademark BIOPARQUET, unique and undisputed product in Europe. Being able to have the entire production chain of our floors, from the trunk to the natural finishes, even allows us to sell the parquet with a passport. This means that we can declare to our customers exactly which forest the wood of their floor comes from, always completely handmade in Tuscany”.

The meeting with HOME Italia took place thanks to a visit of the CEO Luca Valle at Donati Legnami headquarters. Vannetti continues: “I sincerely hope that our collaboration allows us to communicate to a wide audience and correctly what we really do, the passion we put in our work and the high degree of customization of each of our products. We also work with major fashion brands – Gucci, Prada – customization is in our DNA! We are wood tailors, able to satisfy even the most difficult needs”.