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3 Dicembre 2021



Opened in the historic site of the De Majo furnace in Murano, the NH Murano Villa hotel tells the story of the De Majo lighting company and integrates some of the brand’s pieces. The interior design, by Venice-based studio H&A, preserved the details and industrial flavor of the site, expertly assigning a small role to each space. Francesco De Majo says: “Walking around the hotel while it was still under construction, my father Lucio de Majo, with a melancholy that he tried to hide, pointed out the different spaces and told me what they were once used for. The building witnessed the birth of our company, which is now known all over the world”.

The de Majo company created a lighting installation in the entrance lobby. Francesco continues: “We noticed that the ceiling was not high enough to accommodate the ‘classic chandelier’, so we decided to propose one of our most versatile and modular products: I Dischi. It is a luminous agglomeration of glass plates opened by hand, each of which is worked according to a different technique of the Murano tradition. The “custom” touch in this project is the use of the color red, which echoes the color theme of the hotel. Each of these discs is fixed to the ceiling and adapts to any surface.” Therefore, it was not a problem to attach The Disks to the beamed ceiling because the chandelier does not require a rosette for anchoring.

“We are very pleased with the result, as aesthetically and conceptually it brings out the true nature of glass, and recalls its history through traditional Murano stylings.”