DE MAJO Welcome to HOME Italia

The renowned factory from Murano joins HOME Italia.

Is Lucio de Majo, the chairman, that introduces us for over seventy years of manual know-how and culture that have defined the company’s character.

De Majo Illuminazione was founded by my father in 1947, immediately after the war, in a period of restart for companies that had largely been forcibly converted to the production of war goods. At the beginning the production was the typical Murano artistic-craftsmanship, in blown glass, consisting of classic chandeliers and small furnishing accessories of various kinds, vases, ashtrays, toiletries. In 1959, with the purchase of a larger production facility, the production of artistic glass was joined by that of design objects”.

Going along with the new trends and searching for a renewed freedom of expression, De Majo Illuminazione began a new season characterized by the production of fixtures for contemporary residential lighting, the creation of which was entrusted to talented creatives, constituted for a long period of time the main activity of the company, which nevertheless had the foresight never to abandon its vocation of high craftsmanship that, codified in a sort of company vision, still constitutes one of the talents of its cultural heritage.

“Drawing from different cultures, creating a symbiosis with one’s own of rare aesthetic and emotional effectiveness, has always belonged to the attitude of Venice, for centuries a true outpost of the East and a crossroads of cultures, of which not only tolerance was practiced, but rather a beneficial and useful assimilation”.

In the last decade De Majo has been dedicating himself with unchanged passion, using his know-how, to the creation and realization of bespoke lighting installations that have the ability to intercept and satisfy the aspirations of the most demanding customers.

About the meeting with HOME Italia Lucio De Majo declared: “It was my son who pointed out to me the interesting reality of HOME Italia and suggested that I become part of it. I believe it’s a good opportunity to strengthen our brand and visibility, focusing everything on an innovative reality. We need to give space to young people and their ideas.