Welcome to HOME Italia

A new studio joins our club; it is russian design bureau Elena Riman and Anna Krasavina. The studio was created 7 years ago as aunion of creative designers with more than 10 years of experience in the marketof private and public interiors at that time. They have a wide portfolio, including a large number of private and public interiors of varying complexity: apartments, cottages, commercial premises, 4 restaurants, a dentaland ophthalmological clinic. Elena and Anna says: “Our specialization is the interiors of public and residential buildings in modernstyles. Why so? We are convinced that no designer is capable of equally wellcreating interiors in all existing styles. The designer, as well as the writer and thepainter, his own style and his characteristic features. We love working in the loft,minimalism, constructivism, eco-style, pop art and neo-baroque styles. We like tomix styles and then we get eclectic interiors, as well as objects in fusion andvintage style”. They are proud to be part of our club and they declared about it: “HOME Italia is interesting to us in terms of cooperation with top furniture brands. For our clients, we offer photorealistic images of their future interiors, it is very important to have the most complete and relevant base of items, for a complete set of projects. We are talking about 3D models, which are often not in the public domain, and materials for these models. When a client sees in the interior a sofa or a table, he likes him, and he no longer represents anything else at this place, which means that the design project will be implemented as its author intended”.