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German technology and Italian design. This is the perfect combination of Datron, a specialist in the production of wine coolers since 1995. The brand combines an avant-garde technological soul with unrivalled aesthetics. Datron’s wine coolers are true design objects, perfect as furnishing elements for homes of all styles. And for the most demanding, the search for materials such as precious woods and leathers, is able to give immediately a feeling of prestige. Headquartered in Austria, Datron distributes throughout Europe to get overseas with Datron USA based in Miami. DDgroup is the official Italian distributor with the only showroom based in Padua.

“We believe that Datron wine coolers are like safes for the jewels that the nature and the wisdom of those who work in the vineyard give us, harvest after harvest – say the brand management – A fine wine is always an investment, not only economic: it becomes part of a collection, which we like to admire and keep with care. The Datron wine cooler is the ideal tool to preserve it so that it is protected from light and from changes in temperature and humidity, so that it keeps its organoleptic properties unchanged. Until the magical moment in which you decide to revive in the glass the scents and aromas of distant seasons”.

The meeting with HOME Italia was born from the friendship between Sergio Rasi CEO of Datron and one of our salesmen: during the meetings, the agent was able to tell about the HOME Italia project, illustrating its strengths and advantages. Says Rasi: “With the new collaboration, we believe in the new opportunities that HOME Italia can offer to get in touch with the contract world and reach foreign markets”.