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Shanghai sideboard: sideboard with 4 doors and interior equipped with internal shaped glass shelf. Clearly defined by a modern, timeless design. Its essential lines, with rounded edges, combined with refined details make it an object capable of distinguishing itself in any context. A large entrance or a sophisticated living area finds its ideal location. The feet, in forged metal, fit perfectly with the volume on the four perimeter sides creating a harmonious furnishing complement.
The aesthetic project is enhanced with the surprise of a well-kept interior: finished with a bright orange color that is discovered, at the opening of the doors, surprising and gratifying the eyes of the user.
The top can be chosen in wood, marble or covered with leather, eco-leather or fabric. The structure is I wood.
cm 245x52x82 h
Shanghai Cabinet: Cabinet or mobile bar, with 2 doors with internal shaped glass shelf and drawers with a transversal and timeless design. Its essential lines embellished by measured roundness on the corners are enriched by the vertical metal support structures, in brass-plated metal and forging processing, supporting the main volume. An object capable of distinguishing itself in any context; encloses a french.-polished interior with underlined contrasting coloring at the opening of the doors, from an internal LED lighting system that transforms the container, almost by magic, into a sophisticated display with a high aesthetic value.
The two internal drawers have an integrated metal handle that forms a perfect circle emphasizing the refinement of every detail in a sublime graphic conformation.
Cabinetcm 100x52x160 h


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