A partnership that has lasted two years – the one with the designer Maurizio Manzoni – leads today to a complete collection, a great work that represents a real restyling of Cantori’s image. Adapting to the needs of the market, upsetting one’s own style to meet the emerging ones, creating lines dedicated to different targets: all these attitudes have resulted in a heterogeneous production, now enclosed in what we could define as sincere, beautiful lines of furniture that adapt to the most classic and contemporary environments. On one aspect Cantori has never changed course, that of the quality of the materials and of the totally Made in Italy, or rather at kilometer 0, made by workers from the Marche region, when not inside the company. And the same quality is also seen in all the products of the new collection designed by designer Maurizio Manzoni, which on the one hand integrates new furniture lines started in 2019, now completing the proposals, such as Montecarlo, born with the elegant sofa in chamois, which today becomes modular and is flanked by brand new smoking tables. On the other hand, totally new projects have been created, for example in the Oasi line, composed of sideboard, cabinet, table and chair, all of which have in common a strong rigor of the geometric lines that make up the bodies of the furniture, and the bases in bronzed brass. Well-proportioned metal surfaces that indicate and emphasize the gripping points for the opening otherwise skillfully hidden from view. The use of stones for the tops and the “primordial” metal finishes reinforce the shared vision between the designer and the company for the creation of a new area of taste.