home italia
14 Settembre 2021



We are pleased to announce that Caiframe has become part of the HOME Italia project. Caiframe was founded in 1988 as an artisan workshop for the production of windows; in a short time it was able to bring the same care of the work on an industrial scale, offering the market a highly qualified product. The strong point of Caiframe is to have transformed the window into an object of design, offering multiple collections, customization possibilities and advanced technical solutions. For Caiframe the window is not a simple closure, but part of the furniture: a very clear vision, which has taken the brand to a higher level. Caiframe’s reference customers are medium-high level, architects or builders who are looking for a window of good workmanship with an excellent price/quality ratio. All Caiframe proposals are CE marked, in order to guarantee the consumer with respect to the regulations introduced at European level, and precisely: UNI-EN 12210 (resistance to wind stress); UNI-EN 177/1 (thermal insulation); UNI-EN 12207 (insulation and airtightness); UNI-EN 12208 (watertightness). Over the years, Caiframe has supplied its products to countless construction sites. Among these, works carried out in collaboration with the Superintendence stand out: the Superga and Venaria Reale basilica in Turin, the Teatro delle Muse in Ancona, Palazzo Alicorni in Via Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome, to name but a few. These collaborations testify to a first-rate technical heritage in the sector, because they have required the reproduction of vintage windows and doors, adapting them to the best current technologies, so as to ensure adequate performance to the needs of the times.


With regard to joining the club, said Emanuele Cai, Area Manager of Caiframe: “We have chosen to collaborate with HOME Italia to better communicate the brand to our target audience, to know and become a partner of important architectural firms, to export our windows and doors in quality projects that require real Made in Italy products.

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