Leading company in the furniture industry, Turri was founded in 1925 in the tiny artisanal workshop of Pietro Turri in Carugo, in the heart of Brianza. We are driven by our love of and respect for a classical sense of tradition that requires uncompromising quality standards, even when interpretations are modern and innovative. Based on these premises, the Turri style is a way of thinking about luxury in interior decoration, that has built us an international reputation for Italian made products.
Our “mission” is to bring the art of luxury lifestyle in every room, who is looking for luxury will always find in Turri a deep understanding
of their aspirations.

Turri’s products are characterized by a luxurious classical-contemporary line which is a summary of three simple, basic concepts: originality, authenticity, and uniqueness. What Italian craftsmanship and manual skills mean for Turri is great attention to the quality of raw materials, care of details and passion for what is beautiful. The artisan Made in Italy imprint on all our products holds our culture, our identity, and a never ending value. Our love for handwork arises from our creations – the capability of touching with hands the quality of materials, of choosing the best ones, of transforming them and of giving them life – which is our job and our passion.
Turri furniture is made with prestigious materials and the high quality artisan finishes, which are the result of continuous research, are in harmony between art and technology. The decorations found on the products celebrate deep emotions and primitive feelings, through the combination of colors used. These are unique pieces which are able to incite the warmth of luxury and form timeless moments. The atmospheres created by the fashionable furniture and accessories are perfectly suited to the most demanding of clientele. Every single piece is conceived to achieve the maximum results in terms of form, quality and prestige.

Turri’s great versatility is able to satisfy even the most demanding specifications with products that are highly customized. The contract sector is very important for the company with the implementation of important integral projects that cover all aspects. In fact, they deal with complete furnishing projects that include everything from false ceilings, woodwork, doors, and marble, as well as custom designed and custom tailored furniture that is perfect for any environment, be it a luxurious private residence, grand hotel, restaurant, or yacht.
The “customization” of the standard proposal is the way in which Turri is able to be extraordinarily versatile and carry out heterogeneous projects: from medium-small supplies to the bigger ones, where every single unit can be characterized by a personalized solution.
The art of decorating with style depends largely on the ability to understand the customer’s tastes and adapt to the functionality of different environments. It is for this that Turri can truly be considered a master of style.

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