Modo 10

Modo 10

It was 1968 when, little more than a boy, Franco Bianchini decided to take his first entrepreneurial steps, already with clear ideas and always focusing on hard work and determination as the only keys to achieving his goals. It was this intuition that drove the company along a path to continuous growth, up to the moment his 3 children joined the company, who with the same determination carry forward this philosophy: not only to produce furniture, but rather to take care of every minute detail to guarantee the maximum quality and to best express the design and the traditions of Italian craftsmanship.

The company constantly targets Italian and international markets. With a strong desire to also be present at local and regional levels, Modo10 exhibits at the major industry expos. This ensures that its international competitiveness remains strong and wide-ranging representation of the excellent quality of its furnishings, characterised by a perfect mix between modern and traditional styles.

Every piece of Modo10 furniture requires in-depth research prior to production, through meetings where projects are fully discussed and nothing is left to chance. Every collection is designed and developed with the aid of latest generation technologies and produced by expert hands so as to achieve a result impeccable from every point of view.

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