Fuda is an Italian company leader in the field of marble processing.Thanks to its tradition, technology, passion and quality handed down from generation to generations as well as a proposal of materials varying between more than thousand styles divided into marble, onyx, granite, limestone and stone, Fuda is able to express the highest levels of what man can create while respecting Nature.

The company is now run by brothers Francesco, Giuseppe and Domenico. Their professional synergy makes Fuda both a national and international reference point among customers, always harder to please in the field of luxury market, who acknowledge the company as an excellence of “Made in Italy”.

From a logistic point of view, Fuda group is divided into three key points: the main and historical headquarter, located in Siderno (in the Southern Italy), which deals with the manufacturing of the most particular projects aiming at the luxury market; the second headquarter, located in the African East Coast area so to reach a an audience that is less exigent and more attentive to price; last but not least is Fuda Contract Division, born from the two headquarters above all with the purpose to satisfy the demand of being up to date with an attentive and professional clientele asking for the highest finishes in terms of manufacturing and colour matching. Therefore marble becomes emotion and, in the meantime, a piece of furniture. The “Contract” division deals with the customisation of projects:
following the clients since the early stage starting with the design and finishing with the delivery of turnkey solutions with attention to detail during the planning phase.

Via dei Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro 12  –  20121 Milan  –  ITALY
Tel. +39 02 8722 4743
Fax +39 02 4947 1619
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