BAZZI Interior Decoration

Wood is the starting point of our production.
Our furniture is made of wood and wood only.

We ourselves select the wood and we take care of it until it is ready to be cut down and turned into wonderful furniture. The wood is then cut and worked by the hands of men. Carving is the moment when the idea and the design are forever set into the solid wood. All our furniture is hand-carved by skilled craftsmen who have been using the same tools for years and years. Such tools are called “ferri” (tools, in Italian) and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each one fit for a different type of carving. Needless to say, a carver’s tools are the natural extension of his hands: capable hands guided by the mind and the passion for work. This is the true essence of our “Made in Italy”.

All the action described above takes place in our premises in Camnago, Brianza. Everything is realized and produce there. We are manufacturers and producers. This is the real 100% Made in Italy. But we are not only carvers; over the years we have developed our skills in another ancient Italian craft: marquetry.

An Inlay is a seamless blend of wood veneers, a sapient mixture of design and craftsmanship. Over the years, it has become with carving the other distinct feature of our company. The secret of a beautiful inlay is the attention for the detail: the perfection of the detail is what makes a difference between a nice piece of furniture and a masterpiece.

But to preserve and highlight the beauty of such fine arts as carving and inlaying, you have to personally take care of the final finishing. This is the reason why we decided long ago to do all the finishing inside our factory. We keep a close eye on the whole finishing process because we want to make sure the final product will look exactly like we imagined and conceived it.

This whole production process is monitored and certified by the Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani – the Institute for the Protection of the Italian Manufacturers – who makes sure that all these steps actually take place in Italy. You can find the result of this certification process in our Identification Tags. They allow you to identify the origin of every single piece of furniture we produce: each tag that carries its unique identification number that enables you to track down its origins.

Thanks to all these features BAZZI Interiors is proud to boast of a long established tradition: 40 years of uninterrupted presence at the most prestigious furniture exhibition around the world, Il Salone Internazionale del Mobile.