Bencore® was founded in 1999 as a manufacturer of honeycomb thermo-resin composite panels with a special patented technology.

Initially, Bencore® products were designed as a support for materials such as marble and natural stone; later, by enhancing the aesthetic and structural potential, a transparent panel called Starlight™ was developed. Today, Bencore® panels are translucent, lightweight, easy to install and non-bending.


Taben, the new table from Bencore’s Smart Office series.

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Bencore® recently launched a series of smart office solutions, designed to functionally manage and easily reconfigure your workspace. The idea is that the different areas – reception, offices, meeting rooms – are divided with honeycomb panels mounted on special supports (called Stretch andUpset).

The catalogue now also includes a first piece of furniture, the Taben table. It consists of a sturdy steel structure mounting a Starlight™ top panel that gives lightness to the whole and can be customised in colour and finish.

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Bencore’s Smart Office wall panels and Upset system for panel mounting.

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