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3 Dicembre 2021



We are glad to welcome inside our project Bencore, which produces and commercializes materials, systems and products of high technological, qualitative and aesthetic level, using innovative and patented technologies for the production of composite panels in thermo-resin with honeycomb structure (honeycomb). Lightness, structure, transparency and design are the basic elements of the offer of the brand, since 1999 producer of innovative materials and contemporary architectural solutions. 

Always in line with the demands of the market and with a careful eye to ecology, for many years Bencore has been adopting procedures to make eco-sustainable products. Recycled raw materials are used and, when this is not possible, we focus on a product that lasts as long as possible, avoiding waste. The lightness of the panels in relation to their size and their structural strength, determine significant advantages in terms of transport costs and the cost of the profiles required, for example, for doors and walls.

Giorgio Biancini, co-owner of Bencore, said: “Bencore is proud to enter the Home ITALIA system, after several years in which it participated with the contractor to important events such as the Fuorisalone in Milan. The relationship with the CEO Luca Valle and with the staff has been immediately positive and Bencore believes to have the right features to be correctly positioned within the offer that Home ITALIA presents to its partners and customers. The level of the products is high and the design and aesthetics are combined with the technical characteristics of the materials, we are sure that Home ITALIA customers can be in line with our target”.