BELLIARCH welcome to HOME Italia

Every week there is something new: today we welcome the Belliarch studio in the HOME Italia club.
Maurizio Belli graduated in Architecture, with a specialization and thesis in Industrial Design, at the University of Florence in 1987. Mr Belli, founder and director of the Belliarch studio, is convinced that building a cohesive and united team is essential for good planning.
At the study Belliarch every job is regarded as a time of growth for the group and each employee, external or internal, it is encouraged to give their best to achieve the goals. Every new opportunity is used as a moment of professional growth. The Belliarch studio has created residences (single or multi-family) with related furnishings, industrial buildings, commercial spaces, and has designed design products.
The studio works in Italy and abroad, especially Nigeria, Mexico, Singapore.
With regards to the HOME Italia network, Maurizio Belli stated: “Connecting more experiences is good for our profession as architects and for the whole system. The exchange of experiences creates opportunities for professional growth, from which synergies of great interest can arise”.