Opened to the public about three years ago, the Camp Adventure in Copenhagen is an amusement park designed for those who love sports in contact with nature. Today, this green lung just a few kilometres from the Danish capital is also equipped with an observation tower that rises above the treetops, an outpost for admiring the boreal forest and letting your gaze wander for miles and miles, without encountering obstacles. The project, designed by the EFFEKT studio, is actually the culmination of a one-kilometre-long walkway that makes the park accessible to all. The ascent to the tower is also accessible, with a slightly inclined ramp that leads from the base to the top in a hyperbolic fashion. “Nature provides the real experience. We just made it more accessible and offered a series of new and alternate perspectives” says Tue Foged Partner at EFFEKT Architects. “The tower is shaped to enhance the experience of the visitor, shunning the typical cylindrical shape in favor of a curved profile with a slender waist and enlarged base and crown. This allows for better contact to the forest canopy moving up through the tower.” Foged continues.

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The observation tower is the element that most characterizes the entire intervention, with its particular hourglass shape and its height of 45 meters (about that of a 15-storey building). The structure is supported by a Cor-Ten steel frame and its narrower silhouette in the center on the one hand ensures greater stability than a cylindrical shape, on the other hand leaves the branches of the trees more free to grow and expand.

Photos: Rasmus Hjortshoj


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