Maurizio Lai joins the club of HOME Italia

maurizio lai joins home italia club

A no-stop ride for HOME Italia. Closing the 2018 We are pleased to announce the entrance to the club of a new architect, Scenographer and designer: Maurizio Lai.
Born in Padua in 1965, Maurizio Lai studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Venice and at the Politecnico di Milano, where he graduated. He began his career designing for television, entertainment and fashion, to quickly extend the business to the residential, commercial and contract sector, both in Italy and abroad.
In 1998 he founded and directs LAI STUDIO, a very interesting reality conceived as a multidisciplinary organism, which develops constant synergies between architecture and design, availing itself of the collaboration of several professionals and cultivating a large nursery of Young designers. Maurizio Lai is universally recognized as a valid interpreter of an original contemporary aesthetic, very interesting within the panorama of Italian architecture. His work bases his roots in instinct and finds his center in the spectacular concept of production. In the next issue of the magazine HOME Italia we will present a residential project of Lai in Milan.