Daniela Nori welcome to Home Italia

A woman is the last professional to join the HOME Italia club.

We are pleased to welcome Daniela Nori, an interior designer and home stylist from Romagna. For over 20 years, Nori defines the appearance or renovates homes located in every context, from small and cozy apartments to large country villas; through collaboration with architectural firms, she has also dealt with showroom and office furnishings. Her work is based on a deep knowledge of materials, an innate sense of proportions and a strong rationality in the choice of colors. These qualities, combined with a deep respect for the wishes of the consumers, are its greatest strengths. Her refined style and attention to detail goes from a meticulous search for accessories, often combined with the furniture that his customers already possess, manage to give a unique character to all environments.

Aware of the importance of the network of contacts that a club like ours can support, Daniela Nori said: “I believe that the HOME Italia project is very interesting thanks to the importance of the relationship between companies and professionals in the sector , making available to the public a vast network of contacts, products and inspirations useful to every passionate of design and beauty in general”.