Attention to customer needs and attention to detail from design to execution are some of the cornerstones of our practice, as well as constant research in the fields of architecture and construction. ÁBATON was established in 1998 by architects Camino [...]

Aeon Studio

Stefano Rotesi, after studying architecture and design, matched with his classical education and his passion for art, literature and philosophy, collaborated for years with important architectural studies, maturing an original creative path that then materialized in the foundation and the opening of “Aeon Studio Firenze” in 2012.

Alberto Apostoli

Alberto Apostoli is internationally deemed one of the most important designers and trend setter in the field of “wellness”. He also developed important experiences in different design sectors and at different levels: hotels, shops, offices, residences[…]

Alessia Mainardi

ALESSIA MAINARDI INTERIORS My clients are my biggest source of inspiration. London is such a melting pot of ideas. I work with clients all over the world and always try to combine my knowledge and personal style with their philosophy [...]

Alvin Grassi Designer

My design does not seek followers, it seeks lovers.   After working in fashion industry (he has collaborated with various fashion designers), public relations and fine arts, he has approached to interior design and especially to hotel design, conceiving and [...]

Andrea Lenzi

ANDREA LENZI ARCHITETTO Andrea Lenzi, owner of the homonymous architectural studio, was born in Bologna. In 1987, at the age of 25, he graduated with honors from the University of Florence. From 1988, first as a partner in the architectural [...]

Andy Ramus

AR Design Studio is an award-winning RIBA certified contemporary architectural practice, based in Winchester, Hampshire, specialising in the delivery of elegant and imaginative modern new homes, extensions, renovations and multi-plot[…]

Anna Iuliano

... I love the textures, the yarns, the nuances, the scent of crayons, to compose and to create balance and to give character and personality to things. Graduated with honours in architecture in 2005 and Masters degree at the Politecnico [...]

Antonio Girardi

We design spaces with feelings. Our projects aim at arousing emotions and sensations in those who use our spaces and products. When he was a young boy, back in the 90’s, Antonio Girardi used to spend summers and weekends on [...]

Archea Associati

Founded in Florence in 1988 by Laura Andreini, Marco Casamonti and Giovanni Polazzi, Archea Associati is today a renowned architectural and design practice with more than 80 architects operating in Florence, Rome and Milan […]

Archer Humphryes Architects

Established in 2002 by Julie Ann Humphryes and David Archer, Archer Humphryes Architects are world reknown experts for intelligent thinking in the work of architecture and interior design, urban planning and landscape spaces […]


ARCHIPROJECT Born in 1994 in Tuscany, cradle of the Renaissance, Archiproject begins its journey as a small family business, realising important mansions in the heart of Russia. The distinguishing feature is an interior concept able to meet the highest demands [...]

Bismut & Bismut

Light before anything else. Light lengthens perspectives, enhances plain but ever-changing surfaces, modulates spaces, from the most open to the most private. Daniel and Michel Bismut are brothers, architects and have always been working together. They design from the detail [...]

Caberlon Caroppi

We want to tell stories, we want to pass down new memorable experiences. CaberlonCaroppi Architecture firm was founded in 2005 by Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi in order to create a new hospitality concept by mixing and sharing different experiences. [...]

Carlo Colombo

Carlo Colombo is considered one of the most important international Architect and designer. He started his career […]

Claudia Pelizzari

Claudia Pelizzari is an internationally renowned interior designer. Her realizations include residences, hotels, restaurants. Her style is eclectic and she likes to combine pieces she has designed with different elements that range from modern to contemporary art, winking at Japan[…]

Claudio Fusina

The studio Claudio Fusina and Partners is based in Via Santa Tecla 5, in the city of Milan, nerve centre of financial, commercial and cultural activities. Founded in 2010 as a wish fulfilment of young architect Claudio Fusina, the practice is now an established reality[…]

Claudio Pironi

CLAUDIO PIRONI & PARTNERS Architecture is not only about design: our job is about fascinating and surprising Claudio Pironi was born and grew up in Buenos Aires to Italian parents, came back to Italy as university researcher and started his [...]

Claudio Silvestrin

Claudio Silvestrin was born in 1954. He studied under the guidance of A.G. Fronzoni and, later, at the Architectural Association of London. Integrity, clarity of thinking, ingenuity and attention to detail are reflected in his unique style: austere but not extreme[…]

Cousins & Cousins

Cousins & Cousins is an award winning London based practice working across the residential, commercial, mixed use, public art and cultural sectors. Our residential projects span one-off houses in the prime and super prime sectors as well as several multi-unit schemes. […]

Daniela Nori

Daniela Nori is an interior decorator in the center of Santarcangelo di Romagna, in Italy, a venue of harmonious quiet in which she furnishes, renovates and gives new life to homes and residences located in the most varied environments. Daniela [...]

Diego Perusko

Born in Mantua in 1968, Diego Perusko studied at the Polytechnic University of Milan where he graduated in Architecture and Industrial Design in 2000. In 2001 he achieved professional qualification and immediately experimented in the field with his technical sensitivity

Duilio Damilano

DUILIO DAMILANO To build an idea. Duilio Damilano was born in Cuneo in 1961. He’s interested in developing architectural and personal aspects of plastic and material objects inspired by his father and brother who are both passionate sculptors. In 1990 [...]

Fabrizio Cocchi

Driven by the love for beauty and scenography. An aesthete native of Bologna, Fabrizio Cocchi took his first steps in the world of flowers, creating a national chain of rose shops called Frida. His refined floral creations are real design [...]

Filippo Cei

FILIPPO CEI Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. After graduating in Architecture in Florence in 2001 with a degree in Industrial Design in collaboration with Ettore Sottsass Jr., Filippo Cei has worked for many years in the office of the Florentine [...]

Foster + Partners

FOSTER + PARTNERS If you weren't an optimist, it would be impossible to be an architect. Norman Foster Foster + Partners is a global studio for architecture, urbanism and design, rooted in sustainability, which was founded fifty years ago in [...]


The context that revolves around the world of Italian design does not need presentations or ambassadors, our artisans and our creativity are recognized and esteemed all over the world. FRANCESCO MOTTINI Francesco Mottini (Carrara 1985) graduated in 2010 in Architecture [...]

Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva

Our aim is to combine the taste for aesthetic memory with the more contemporary trends and to adapt these to the needs of our clients with creative verve. After graduating in architecture from the University of Naples Federico II, Giuliano [...]

Giuseppe Viganò

Giuseppe Viganò is involved in industrial planning of furnishing products and in stage-managing of some Companies in the same field. He offers graphic consultancy to realize catalogues, supervising directly the picture, the layouts, the communication and advertising pages […]

Intemporary Design Studio

INTEMPORARY Design Studio We make dreams come true! Alexandrina Lukach, designer and decorator from Kiev, is professionally engaged in interior design and decoration since 2004. Alexandrina received two higher educations, the second of which in The History Of Arts at [...]

IRACI ARCHITETTI – Antonio Iraci e Carla Maugeri

Antonio Iraci was born in Misterbianco on 11 April 1961. He graduated in 1988 in Architecture at the University of Reggio Calabria, with honors.

JUMA Architects

JUMA is the blueprint of your future. JUMA Architects is a Gent based architecture firm founded by Mathieu Luyens & Julie van De Keere in 2009 with a focus on creating well-crafted and custom made structures. Their aesthetics are modern [...]

Karim Rashid

For the longest time design only existed for the elite and for a small insular culture. I have worked hard for the last 20 years trying to make design a public subject. Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific [...]

KSR Architects

Founded in 1983, KSR Architects has a detailed knowledge of the property market with particular expertise in the residential sector. The extensive portfolio enables to provide imaginative and effective design solutions for residential apartment buildings[…]

Loft Buro

If a little depends on you in design and architecture, then you are not an architect. Having finished the architectural faculty of the Kiev National Academy of Arts and Architecture, Oleg Volosovsky began his activity in the mid-1990s cooperating with [...]

Luca Zanaroli

Born in Bologna in 1965, Luca Zanaroli graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence in 1993. In the first ten years of his activity Zanaroli has been mainly involved in territorial planning and project management of public [...]

Marco Piva

Fascinated by the magic of the world and its ever-changing transformations, I face every project as a process of continuous research between volumes and surfaces, between matter and light, to build future scenarios between function and emotion. Marco Piva defines [...]

Massimo Adario

Massimo Adario was born in Rome in 1970 into a family of printers. He graduated in architecture from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (1998), after having attended, as Erasmus grant holder, the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valladolid (ETSAV) [...]

Massimo Simonetti

Experience and Quality in Design, this is the Strength of Our Ideas. 40 hotels realised in 40 years of activity. Professionally born in the early '70s Massimo Simonetti decided, after significant experience in the field of industrial design, to address his [...]

Materia 174

Materia 174 is a Ukrainian architectural practice founded by Alena Pryadko and Michail Ilchenko. The style of Materia 174 can be summed up in concepts of creative functionality and design because it focuses mainly on the innovative use of materials [...]

Matteo Bianchi

Successful design is what reflects the customer's brief, leaves nothing to chance and above all inspires anyone who comes in contact with it. Matteo Bianchi is a leading international interior designer based in London whose approach to design is chic [...]

Maurizio Lai

Architect and Designer Maurizio Lai was born in Padua in 1965, he studied Architecture in Venice and at the Milan Polytechnic, where he graduated. He started his career as set designer for the national TV broadcasters, while working on retail and display concepts for major […]

Mino Caggiula

MINO CAGGIULA ARCHITECTS Light is the tempera with which to paint in architecture. The firm Mino Caggiula Architects comes from a unique career developed over the last two decades which has always been divided among planning, design, construction, studies and [...]


A building should be loved. That’s the only thing that you can hope for. MVRDV was founded in 1993 by Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The practice engages globally in providing solutions [...]

Peia Associati

Our studio boasts design expertise about a wide spectrum of subject areas, ranging from urban planning to interior and product design. Giampiero Peia has a highly respected curriculum: he was a collaborator of Luca Meda, an assistant of Ignazio Gardella [...]

Pravda Arkitects

If we had to describe Laura Gonzalez’s touch, one could say that she design spaces with a symbolic and strong identity. Never locked into a style, and always inspired by several historical references Laura transpose her personality, always keeping in mind the […]

Roberto Garbugli

Industrial, Interior and Exhibit designer.
The work of Roberto Garbugli can be seen from different angles. Different projects drawn by the same hand, that accepts every challenge freely and happily. Freely, because Garbugli is an outsider who hates cloned[…]

RPW Design

RPW DESIGN Trends? I notice them and go in the other direction. Ariane Steinbeck RPW Design is a specialist hospitality design firm known for its individual design style, attention to detail, quality, client focus and pragmatism. Led by a management [...]

SI-JU Architetti

The Architectural Firm Si-Ju Architetti was founded in Cesena in 2005. Starting from an individual training, architects Simona Francolini and Juri Boschetti developed a career addressing project experiences of interior architecture, design

Simone Micheli

SIMONE MICHELI ARCHITECTURAL HERO A man is really fortunate when he can live in his own world in the world. Simone Micheli founded his Studio in 1990 and in 2003 the Simone Micheli Architectural Hero Company, based in Florence, Milan Dubai and Rabat. His professional [...]

Stefania Rinaldi

STUDIO RINALDI In the future, we need to think about the transformation of the cities and of the countryside, how much communication and technology is changing our way of life, how people’s mobility will influence the habitat, how the ecosystem [...]

Stefano Belingardi Clusoni

Stefano Belingardi Clusoni was born in Milan in 1987. He graduated from the Mario Botta’s Academy of Architecture in Switzerland […]

Studio Doha

Architect and Designer Maurizio Lai was born in Padua in 1965, he studied Architecture in Venice and at the Milan Polytechnic, where he graduated. He started his career as set designer for the national TV broadcasters, while working on retail and display concepts for major […]

Studio Papiri International

STUDIO PAPIRI INTERNATIONAL Architecture, the big challenge. The atmosphere of the place and the powerful presence of history influence and inspire the work of the Studio Papiri, not only the decoration and taste, but also its creative approach. A place [...]

Tatiana Mironova

Tatiana Mironova was born in Moscow. She was with «Mosproekt-3» for nine years. She has worked as an artist and decorative art designer from 1992 to 1996. Since 1996 she has only been professionally interested in architecture and interior design. She has run [...]

Teresa Sapey

We design spaces with feelings. Our projects aim at arousing emotions and sensations in those who use our spaces and products. Graduated with honors from Turin Polytechnic in 1985, Teresa Sapey opened her own studio in Madrid in 1990. Architect [...]

TG Studio

Founded in 2011 by architect Thomas Griem, TG-Studio is a residential specialist, focused in adding value to residential developments worldwide.
Located in central London, the studio employs presently 8 architects all with interior design focus.


Established in 2004 by Nicholas Hickson and Manuela Mannino, The Hickson Design Partnership is an Architecture and Interior Design practice specialising in Hospitality and High End Residential Projects[…]

Venturi Studio

Venturi Studio represents the desire to advance in the world of living. A process which over the years has led us to progress steadily, coherently and with great value. Being able to work with major companies […]


YØDezeen is an award winning architectural and interior design studio operating worldwide and working in a variety of contemporary styles. Established in 2010 by architects and fellow students Artem Zverev and Artur Sharf […]