Venturi Studio

Venturi Studio represents the desire to advance in the world of living.

A process which over the years has led us to progress steadily, coherently and with great value.

Being able to work with major companies in this field has enabled us to achieve a real goal: to think and design with the awareness that comes only from direct knowledge, from the experience of those who over the years have contributed in creating “Made in Italy”, a major manufacturing excellence that in the world, even today, makes a difference.


Shane at Bar Maturi

Already designed in 2004 by Roberto Garbugli, Shane at Bar Maturi was restyled in winter 2017 to add new refined spaces to the renowned pastry shop. In step with the trends, Shane at Bar Maturi is located in Madonna di [...]

Paghera – Byblos Art Hotel

The Art Hotel Byblos in Verona was awarded the prize “Best Luxury Villa Resort, Italy” at the ninth edition of “World Luxury Hotel Awards”. Paghera designed its huge 20,000 sqm park[…]

Law Firm in San Marino

Venturi Studio Architetti The project was created to meet the need to expand the office. Initially, the study did not show a particular area intended to accommodate customers, […]



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