Loft Buro

If a little depends on you in design and architecture, then you are not an architect.

Having finished the architectural faculty of the Kiev National Academy of Arts and Architecture, Oleg Volosovsky began his activity in the mid-1990s cooperating with several realities until he opened his own studio in 1998. The office was made in “loft” style even if, at that time, people in Ukraine knew it only by hearsay from abroad, especially from New York. Oleg started to work at his first projects in Kiev with the same inspiration: a lot of concrete, bare walls and bricks in grey tones, which is a trend today but 15 years ago people looked at Oleg as if he was crazy. Hence, formerly “Studio 21-11” became “Loft Buro”.

Today Oleg and Loft Buro mainly focus their activities on interior design with the planning of about a hundred restaurants, bars, discotheques and offices. The essential aim of Loft Buro is the constant training of colleagues, customers and manufacturers since the architect is a knowledge holder that wants to share it with everyone.

What surprises about Oleg is his unusual way of conceiving architecture as sport: it is not enough just to be talented in the profession, rather it’s required to be trained and morally endured, along with the acknowledge of weaknesses and their defeat over time. Being hungry and at the same time self-critical, in order to learn and always improve.
Experience is fundamental to be a successful architect, which perfectly explains why architecture is incredibly tactile: for Oleg, the architect is not a theoretician believing in utopias, but a practitioner.

Training, enduring and taking on responsibilities: these are the principles that guide him in his daily and working life.


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