Daniela Nori

Daniela Nori is an interior decorator in the center of Santarcangelo di Romagna, in Italy, a venue of harmonious quiet in which she furnishes, renovates and gives new life to homes and residences located in the most varied environments. Daniela Nori, thanks to her 20 years of experience in the furniture industry, refined her knowledge of materials, the sense of proportion and chromatic rationality.

The professional path followed and combined with a continuous updating, ensure that the projects are clean, with a strong personality mixed with the life style of the customer who is never underestimated, but always involved and valued in design choices.

The numerous collaborations with authoritative studios for the realization of showrooms, offices and homes led Daniela Nori mature a refined style, accurate to details and the search for accessories, trying to use pieces of the customer’s furniture, creating a restyling work in appearance in their position and use.


Lakeside House

Lakeside House takes the name from the marvelous view of the lake from the terrace, this feature makes it a small pearl in the Swiss city of Lugano.

Daniela Nori welcome to Home Italia

A woman is the last professional to join the HOME Italia club. We are pleased to welcome Daniela Nori, an interior designer and home stylist from Romagna. For over 20 years, Nori defines the appearance or renovates homes located in [...]



Via dante di nanni 16/c,

47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) Italy

TEL. 347 870 1563

[email protected]