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Arcahorn is the last but not least brand who joins HOME Italia Exclusive club!
“We have decided to join HOME Italia thanks to our friedship with his AD Luca Valle – said from Arcahorn – and because we see it as an important tool to reach new customers interested not only in Italian brands but also in unique contemporary furniture desined by jung artists focused in high quality and timeless design”.

The history of Arcahorn is inextricably linked to the vocation for craftsmanship of its founder, Mario Guerra, who in the early 50’s started working cow horn in a small workshop. Fascinated by the beautiful tones of this material, in 1958 he set up in Recanati his own company specialized in the processing of horn rediscovering and revaluing masteries almost forgotten, bounded to the territorial tradition. Constant ambition to excellence and meticulous attention to detail are merged in exclusive collections ranging from furnishings to accessories which are a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and specific know-how. Today, the same passion has been inherited by the new generation of the Guerra family, who is constantly striving to offer unique pieces and to preserve Arcahorn as a symbol of Made in Italy.
The star of our company history is horn, a biological material, pleasing to the touch and to the eye, with a myriad of shades that bring to life limited collections of furnishing and décor pieces where no two are alike, by nature. Entrusted from the outset to expert master craftsmen, horn is given a new life through an intricate production cycle requiring long lead times, deep dexterity and a very specific procedure following ancient handcraft techniques, conveyed by tradition. After an accurate selection of the best parts and their exposure to fire, horn becomes malleable and ready to be smoothed. With the complicity of few tools, artisans’ hands gradually turn horn into tiles to be skillfully matched together. Every masters’ thought and action is constantly geared towards excellence and meticulous attention to detail in order to ensure collections of unsurpassed quality, in complete respect of horn intrinsic properties.