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Complete your bathroom décor with this striking Iris bath set. Finished in polished black lacquered wood, the design is given further character by the captivating natural shades of horn inlays. Comprised of tray, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, cotton holder and tray accented by chromed brass detailing, this set will meet your needs while adding a special flair to your restroom. Pieces can be sold individually.

mod.-1950 ARCAHORN bathroom furniture PRODUCTS
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 ARCAHORN - 7044BCategory: ArmchairsTag: ARCAHORN DESCRIPTION Brand:  Conceived to meet the primary values of comfort, functionality and style, Rea swivel armchair features gentle enveloping lines and prized materials. Covered in fabric that boasts a...

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ARCAHORNThe history of Arcahorn is inextricably linked to the passion for craftsmanship of its founder, Mario Guerra, who in the early 50's started working zebu horn in a small workshop. In 1958 he set up in Recanati his own company specialized in the processing of...

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 ARCAHORN - 1391  Category: Smoke setTag: ARCAHORN DESCRIPTION  Brand:  Raise your smoking rituals to the highest level of luxury with Bacco smoke set. Including a lighter and an ashtray for cigarettes and one for cigars, this set features a trapezoidal shape...

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 ARCAHORN - 1626  Category: BoxTag: ARCAHORN DESCRIPTION  Brand:  Conceived to host your most treasured trinkets, Lea box features a clean rectangular design. Crafted from black lacquered wood, the box is enhanced by impressive dark horn inlays running through...