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Contract service for the apartment. The living room area is characterized by backlit onyx, the TV unit shows a vertical coplanar sliding system and a bio grain alcohol fireplace. The bar area is distinguished by its pull-out doors and leather insides. The kitchen presents American walnut doors and a Bronze Amani top. The bedroom wardorbe is carried out with Nabuck doors and cedar insides, a Nabuck bed and American walnut night tables with a steel nickel-plated finish lower part. The bathroom furniture is characterized by American walnut doors and a Bronze Amani top.

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 B-COOL Category: ApartmentTag: GaudioDESCRIPTION Brand:  Gaudio presents a dynamic and innovative project, in which design and technology come together to create some special with a strong personality and functionality. A house that is transformed...

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 BEYOND Category: ApartmentTag: GaudioDESCRIPTION Brand:  The house of the future seen as a blend of design, simplicity and functionality: This is Beyond. A new concept fot the living space which goes beyond a basic way of living, offering an element of...

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 MWF HOUSE/MILAN Category: HouseTag: GaudioDESCRIPTION Brand:  In collaboration with the Corfone & Partners architectural firm, Gaudio has created the furnishings and finishes of CASA MWF: the main heart of the project is PURE, a dynamic and...

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 OLIVE WOOD Category: Kitchen furnitureTag: GaudioDESCRIPTION Brand:  Kitchen island with blackgrey laquered doors and opening systems in waterbased olive wood. Manual slide top in water based laminated olive wood and electric lift carried out in steel...