New entry among the ranks of professionals who have chosen to join the HOME Italia project. Our exclusive club has opened its doors to architect Andrea Bella, owner, and founder of the “Andrea Bella Concept” studio, with his 20 years of work and research in the field of design. His works are based on the desire to create something unique, satisfying the ideas, needs, and desires of the customers, which is continuously involved in the creative process. “During the creative process of dialogue and mediation – said the architect Bella – I constantly pursue the search for solutions inspired by an antithetical combination that I call minimal warm. The concept of minimal is very often indissolubly linked to a cold and not very welcoming appearance. My goal is to shape the inspiration to achieve the balance between an essential compositional aspect and a message capable of instilling an indispensable feeling of welcome and warmth. For me, designing means anticipating what may be new habits, helping to create new atmospheres, suggesting new sensations and emotions inspired by the universal concept of beauty as an inextinguishable resource for living”. Bella personally follows, with the help of his collaborators, every single project, whether it is a construction site or a product, in order to maintain the highest quality standards and achieve the final goal in full agreement with the customer.

Andrea Bella, enthusiastic about being part of our group, said: “I believe that HOME Italia represents in a detailed and synergistic way the creative aspect that distinguishes our country and its professionals in the world, a unique and generous showcase capable of stimulating ideas and new desires”.