The new collection includes fabrics with geometric patterns, contemporary interpretations of archive fabrics, velvet in silk or linen in a plain colour, innovative interpretations of classic tapestries and a new proposal that is inspired by the shape of the tie.

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Rosetta by Dedar. Photo by Andrea Ferrari.

Rosetta is a jacquard with a small boucle and abstract decoration, which could be an ideogram not yet deciphered.

Into the Forest is a blend of silk and viscose with digital print, a tribute to natural beauty but also a reference to the brushstrokes that make up a “jungle on canvas”.

Tiger silk looks to the East and offers a design inspired by raw-silk Tibetan rugs.

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Into the forest, Tiger silk and Nouvelle vague by Dedar. Photos by Andrea Ferrari.

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Nouvelle vague is a jacquard velvet that reinterprets the tiger’s mantle.

Ritmo Cartesiano is instead a tussah silk with an abstract design in relief that recalls the aesthetics of the avant-garde of the early ‘900.

Say goodbye to Flora presents a floral theme taken from the Dedar archives which, as in eighteenth-century fabrics, stands out against a background of polychrome broaches.

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Ritmo cartesiano, Say goodbye to Flora and flame retardant fabrics by Dedar. Photos by Andrea Ferrari.

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The colours of Capri

Designed by Neapolitan Architect Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva, Capri Suite is a “maison de charme” that offers its guests the services and hospitality of a hotel suite. The building, located in the center of Anacapri, is part of the ancient Monastery of Saint...

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December 19th, 2017 - NHOW Hotel, Via Tortona 35, Milan Project by:Studio Marco Piva Special Guest:Simona Ventura Main Sponsors:AF Luxury RentsCantoriFranco BianchiniGallotti&RadiceGamma ArredamentiIneditoNECPhormalabTalentiVisionnaire...

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Blue like the sea, yellow like the sun

There’s a contagious cheerfulness at The Student Hotel in Barcelona, the residences designed for students to have a home away from home, but also a family away from the family. Photos by Luis Beltran.  The style winks at the world of Memphis and...

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HOME Italia always grows and aims high.Among the excellences that have joined our exclusive club there is now also Poltrona Frau.   Founded in Turin in 1912 by Renzo Frau, Poltrona Frau is synonymous with excellence known throughout the world. From...