An increasingly numerous group of designers has decided to be part of the HOME Italia club, a system that gives architects visibility, connects them with companies and creates great professional opportunities.

Today we welcome Aeon Studio in Florence.

Stefano Rotesi is the founder and chief designer of Aeon Studio who has worked for years with important architectural firms, developing his original, ideational and creative path, converged since 2012 in Aeon after his architecture and design studies, combined with his classical education and passion for art, literature, and philosophy.

Rotesi, a supporter of the functionality of design and always in search of the balance of shapes and spaces, often draws inspiration from films and travel in an attempt to recompose new relationships and new paths between the external space that contains us, perpetually in conflict with our inner and spiritual world. According to Rotesi, this attempt would be the only possibility of escape, of overcoming and rebalancing with modernity which dominates and bursts our time powerfully.

Rotesi said: “The meeting with HOME Italia and with Luca Valle was the starting point for my studio to get closer to a very dynamic group full of new resources and opportunities.  The isolation of many professional realities in Italy is a limit to be overcome in an increasingly complex and global world, where not only skills ensure success. So, I believe that Valle, and more broadly HOME Italia, is today a new place for sharing and growth and it is a showcase for the world that can do well for the whole Italian design scene. Happy to be there”.