Architect Alvin Grassi designs a theatrical big penthouse on the sixty-seventh floor of a tower in the heart of One Shenzhen Bay

This one-of-a-kind project conceived by Alvin Grassi, designer from Romagna district and owner of the Milan-based namesake studio, does not give the idea of being in a residence in the heart of China.

Architecture and design get closer to the urban liveliness that is so dear to the new trends of the western cities, where elegance and simplicity of spaces get inspiration from the Europe of the 21st Century.

One Shenzhen Bay district is an ambitious project, especially from a commercial point of view, as it aims at providing clients with turnkey housing solutions that are already furnished, but highly customisable at the same time. The development of this area finds place in an extremely interesting context of China’s growth. Shenzhen bay has no downturn and praises the most dynamic real-estate market of the nation, with huge stock prices.

The Penthouse designed by Alvin Grassi Design Studio Milano and commissioned by UNN Group Ltd is situated inside one of the residential towers built in the heart of the new luxury district One Shenzhen Bay and offers several panoramic views to the new metropolitan expansion area.

The attic is the result of the union of two joint apartments with the aim of obtaining a unique luxury home that occupies the entire floor of the building.

The elegant entrance, completely covered by white woodwork made in Italy, welcomes guests in the bright living area with a breath-taking view; a privileged observation point towards nature, the sea and the city. The natural landscape of the green hills of Tanglangshan park to the north, and the magnificent skyline of the energetic Hong Kong bay to the south.


1. entrance lobby
2. living area
3. dining area
4. kitchen
5. master bedroom
6. bedroom
7. housekeeper
8. en-suite bathroom
9. toilet

The living area has been designed to be completely open, so as to create a continuum between the dining room, the living room and the terrace with pool; on the other hand, a sliding glass wall can separate these spaces according to the needs.

Light comes in the living room from the panoramic windows and pervades the environment while enhancing the whiteness of the interiors. A monolithic seven-meter long wall, cladded with refined black marble designed by Alvin Grassi, mitigates the burst of natural light, balancing the chromatic harmonies and the neoclassic atmospheres and dominates the space with its contemporary design and linearity.

The “fil rouge” of this original penthouse is the natty decoration of the ceilings, realised by Braglia Stucchi’s craftsmen from Reggio Emilia, in partnership with Ser John’s Brooklyn studio. An example of decorated equilibrium that gives the feeling of being thrown in the elegant area of Saint Germain in the Paris of the 21st Century.

Serial furniture is rigorously made in Italy from Maxalto, Gianfranco Ferré Home, Roberto Cavalli Home. The bespoke furnishings by Alvin Grassi (such as the big libraries, the solid wood closets and the white woodwork that hides walk-in-wardrobes and storage closets) have been conceived with sober lines in order to provide the space with a more contemporary style and to improve home functionality.

Extraordinary are the tapestries and other original Italian accessories that confirm the great personality of the designer, always aiming at fulfilling the client’s needs.

Parquet flooring – designed by Alvin Grassi – is laid by Donati Tuscany of San Sepolcro, a firm that makes use of refined timber exclusively extract from reforestation areas, in line with Alvin’s substantial ecological concept of architecture and design.

Of relevant importance are also the floor-to ceiling windows which frame the fantastic panorama of the city and the exquisite terrace that hosts a lounge area with a pool and a spectacular view.

Alvin Grassi concludes citing Millard Sheets: “good design is a great combination of common sense, unusual imagination, clarity of purpose with a prerequisite knowledge of structure, values, color, aesthetic insight and a deep reverence for the love of life”.